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El Corralón

Inmersión poco profunda y de aguas cristalinas; El entorno ideal para iniciarse.
Situada a levante de la Punta de La Azohía, encontramos "El Corralón",
una cala poco profunda,con fondos de posidonea y cantos rodados,
como si de un río se tratase.Pulpo

Fondeamos dentro de la cala, sobre un fondo de 6 metros de profundidad. Buceamos a lo largo del roqueo, sobre fondo de posidonea y cascajo, y vamos ganando profundidad lenta y progresivamente hasta salir de la cala.

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El Tajo Colorao

 En las paredes de cabo tiñoso, situado a poniente
de cala cerrada, encontramos el “ Tajo Colorao”, conocido así por el corte de tonos rojizos que existe en la roca.

Una zona, donde la luz solar y la claridad de sus aguas nos permiten disfrutar del fondo marino.

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Cala Cerrada

Cala Cerrada is a large creek maturely sheltered from winds which blow often from the south of the cliff. Under water, there is a POSIDONIA OCEANICA ground that begins at 3 metres down to 18. After this depth, it is possible to go out of the creek and see a cliff down to 25 metres.

Cala CerradaThis site is perfect to do initiation dives or snorkelling.
Within the Creek, fund up to 14 meters deep found a wide and plentiful Oceanic Posidonia meadow, which in addition to being indicative of the excellent quality of its waters, gives shelter and protection to wildlife in the area. This is where sometimes you can see rare species like fish or even San Pedro de Mar. Seahorses

Creek Closed (graph) is already on the outside of the cove, where we reach up to 30 meters deep.

On the west side, about 22 meters deep we can see a small sunk boat, usually inhabited by conger and moray eels. Following the wall profile, include a big rock where we find great variety and agglomeration of life and about which often are large groupers.

Scattered throughout the background blocks piled rocks appear as a result of rock falls.

In these waters is easy to observe numerous species, as brótolas, roes, bream, oblate, barracudas, etc.. You can also find great individuals from conger, moray eels and groupers, taking refuge in increasingly deeper waters.

Cala Abierta

Between Cabo Tiñoso Azohía and in the municipality of Cartagena, east of Cala Cala is Closed Open, unobstructed bay and larger proportions. A secluded beach, and excellent bathing place, accessible by sea and, also, by land, descending paths and streams. Ideal for lovers of active tourism and quiet places.

Immersion on wall and depths up to 37 meters.

If you chose the eastbound find walls and canyons that reach 30 meters deep on the contrary, if the stretch dive we chose is northbound it will be a great for novice divers dive wishing entertaining looking between blocks rock at depths no greater than 20 meters.
Small sheltered cove perfect for beginners.
Dive with variety of flora and fauna with some upwelling of hot springs located in the place called Crystal Creek for cleanliness and visibility of its waters are possible several dives and drift dives or Caribbean, spectacular.

The arch

El Arco is named so because of a stone arch dug by the water. We dive around the arch. The arch is 4 meters deep and it is extended by a submarine cliff 35 meters deep. It is very near the point of cabo Tiñoso, which is an ideal place to see big fish such as; pelagic fish like sunfish, barracudas or common Dentex.

el arco

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